Our educational project

We are looking for training quality as well as educational and technical innovation.

Kimbondo Training Center

cares about each student, their training and their personal development. One of our priority objectives is a personalized and complete education, in an educational climate of freedom and confidence where each student is accompanied for a maximum personal development in all the fields. This is done throughout the training, through individual and group tutoring.


  • Formation

  • Professional internships

  • Restaurant

We are looking for

the quality of training and pedagogical and technical innovation. To do this:

  • The CFK is constantly working on improving the quality of services through continuous training courses for its trainers, in collaboration with specialized institutions.

A training

oriented towards the labor market.

For this reason, the CFK has collaboration agreements with many companies in the sector. Collaboration with the business community is therefore a fundamental pillar that guarantees the quality of training.

A training

open at the international level:

The CFK offers different possibilities in its training curriculum to meet the standards of the international context. The CFK's training program emphasizes language proficiency, allowing students and teachers to be mobile and fit professionally.

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